How the Use of the Medium Helps in the Astrological Foretelling

“Ouija” or “talking” boards are board games from the 19th. Their use includes reading from the heads of people, talking to the dead, talking to demons and speaking to Satan. Whether, Ouija boards work for this purpose is a matter of opinion, though countless people take Ouija boards seriously and their use. They believe that communication with dark forces and lead users can open a way of the sin of Ouija boards.

Talk to demons, demonic haunting and demonic possessions

When the stories about the Ouija board are fulfilled, the Ouija board is able to summon demons. The user may find they are being talked about with a manipulative or cruelly demonic device via a talking board. She may even make the recipient a demonic haunt because they are leading the demon to herself or her place of residence by communicating with the Ouija board. Some believe that the Ouija board opens as a gateway between a person and a demon, allowing demonic possession. In the process of the clairvoyant readings this is very true now.

In conversation with the dead

The main purpose of the Ouija board is for communication with the dead. It is said that Ouija board users sometimes come in contact with a ghost than the ones they were trying to contact. You can also have possessed of the dead. There are also stories of the board itself always obsessed by a ghost.

Social impact

Because of religious objections to occultism and skepticism regarding whether elements like Ouija boards even work as they should, social stigmatization comes with its heavy commitment. Religious people who believe communication with the dead and demons is a sin, and that Ouija boards facilitate these two things can potentially use angry and judgmental people Ouija boards. Skeptics can treat with ridicule or shut them down completely.

Psychological effects

Using an Ouija board can scare the user, convince him to do things that are not met or aggravate the existing mental health problems. He can cause unpleasant aspects of himself through the Carpenter effect, discovering the fear and recovery of repressed memories. If he goes with the Ouija board knowing his reputation as a gateway to the dead and demons, he may become more susceptible to delusions and hallucinations. If he already has mental problems, the “talking” Ouija board can encourage worsening the symptoms of these mental health problems.

Around the Ouija board floats a myth of magic. Many stories surround the mysterious board, which is also called Talking Board or Witchboard. While for some it is a harmless parlor game, such as Monopoli, this Ouija board is the key to the ancestral gate for others.

The Ouija board is used to connect with spirits to ask questions to our ancestors and deceased, to convey good wishes to their world and also to say goodbye to them. We can ask our ancestors for help, benefit from their knowledge, their wisdom and their power to find the way in our lives. Our ancestors can assist us with decisions.

How Ouija boards work

There is no doubt that Ouija boards can spell names and other words; the question is how the planchette is controlled: by humans or spirits?

Of course, common sense and logic suggest that Ouija boards happen not to be actually converse with the dead; in the event that that were the case, there would certainly be no unresolved homicides, as police officers would only have to pull out the Ouija board to contact the murdered victims and ask how they were killed and under what circumstances.

If the movement of the planchette over the Ouija board is really controlled by ghosts, in spite of any human contact, the game must answer the questions with not touching it by anyone. Human participants must ask questions on the blackboard and let the planchette roam around magically and mystically to answer any questions anyone has. Of course, that does not happen because the human movement creates the answers.

Scientists know exactly how the Ouija board works: it’s called the ideomotor effect. The participants subconsciously move the planchette across the board, though, because they do not know what’s going on, they attribute the movement to an outside influence or supernatural intelligence. The movements of the planchette above the Ouija board may seem very mysterious to the participants, who all swear they are not intentionally moving anything (of course, a playful joker sometimes helps to spell out a message).

Testing the Ouija board is very easy and can be done by anyone in minutes. All it takes are a few blindfolds (or a tablecloth or a piece of cardboard, which are held directly over the board to block the views of the participants) and a third person watching the board and taking notes on what it says. The idea is to do it so that the participants themselves cannot see where the letters are; Because if spirits or ghosts really lead the planchette in place of humans, then it should not matter if those who touch the planchette can see the board or not. The result is inevitably gibberish, a series of random letters and numbers that contain no message whatsoever.


  • The pointer can also be an “automatic writing tablet”.
  • Always keep a positive attitude. Spirits feed on energy, if you start a session with a negative mood, you will invite malicious entities.
  • Everyone who participates in the session must believe in the power of the table – if they do not believe, nothing will happen.
  • Arrange a few items around the table to attract benevolent spirits. These include silver, oyster shells, mirrors, branches and willow leaves and crystals such as quartz, selenite and amethyst. You can also use herbs such as lavender, mugwort and absinthe.
  • “reload” the table from time to time. You can do this by exposing it to sunlight with quartz crystals. Remember to leave the pointer near the table and not above. Quartz crystals amplify the power of lunar energy and help recharge the table.
  • Do not be ashamed to leave the lights on. Spirits feed on energy and perceive fear. The more you are afraid, the more vulnerable you will be to evil spirits who will see you as a good target. If you need more light to feel safe, leave them alone.
  • The best time to use a Ouija board is in the evening around midnight.
  • The connection with the spirit world is more intense in autumn and winter, as well as in the summer and winter solstice. During the Celtic New Year (Halloween) it is possible to establish a strong connection.


  • Always move the pointer over the word “Farewell” before ending the session, especially if the mind does not.
  • Never leave the pointer on the table when you are not using it.
  • Never ask a spirit to possess or manifest.
  • Never ask questions with inappropriate words because you could irritate the spirits.
  • Do not let the mind move the pointer of the table.
  • If the mind has taken control of the table, do not burn it because the mind may be infecting you. Instead, break or cut the board into seven pieces, sprinkle it with holy water and bury it.
  • Do not abuse the table. It is an instrument that drains your energies and those of the spirit. Limited to one or two hour sessions a week.

Things you will need

  • Ouija sign
  • Tablet for automatic writing or pointer
  • Sage incense or rose water with which to sprinkle the area around the table
  • Clean and safe place to store the table

Clairvoyant – Ethical Life

A clairvoyant is an individual gifted with the ability to reach into the spiritual world and gather information about another person, physical event, object, or location. Clairvoyants are individuals that have extrasensory perception.

The clairvoyant acts as a receiver/conduit between the real world and the spiritual world. By asking specific questions, the clairvoyant will accept messages from an external source to help you change your life for the better.

Through their skills, clairvoyants will see visuals about your life in the past, present, and in the future. They will see images, symbols, and people in your life that means you harm or want you to prosper.

Often, clairvoyants see abstract things or clips that relate to what you are searching for to make changes in your life.

Through clairvoyant reading sessions, you can use the visions to plan your life, to learn what you need to do to move to the next level in your career, how to structure your finances, and what you should do to make your relationship healthy and happy.

On this site, you will come across numerous clairvoyants offering a range of services. Chose the ones that are highly reputed for the segment you’re seeking answers for, and give them a call. Alternatively, you can send an email, text, or conversate through live chat.