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Perfect Deals in the Foretelling in Astrology

Whether you believe it or not, the signs of the zodiac fascinate everyone. Specialists decipher the springs of this passion for forecasts, even if they are sometimes far-fetched.

Will the day be spoiled by the betrayal of a loved one? Brightened by an unexpected meeting? Whether you believe it or not, once in hand, the horoscope becomes an irresistible reading, especially at the beginning of the year when magazines and books are full of new forecasts.

Why do you love reading our horoscope so much?

Horoscopes are a particular type of statement: it is as if they give energy to those who use it and find it successful. That’s why they have more positive ads than negative ads. Those found in newspapers can also be read at the end of the period they cover. The challenge is then, for the person who takes knowledge, to establish a relationship between the statement and what has been lived, sometimes as a game These predictions place the person in an overhanging position on its existence.

What is the difference with clairvoyance?

The opposition between astrology and clairvoyance is that between knowledge accessible by anyone would decide to study it, astrology, and a know-how that would be innately reserved for a minority, clairvoyance. The members of this minority consider that they have a “gift” that they could have detected and developed. For the Astrology readings this is important.

Astrology to reassure oneself

If astrology is to be believed, the stars would have an influence on every aspect of our lives. They are character, passions, attitude, but also actions, past and future. This is worrying some people, but this practice is generally used for reassuring purposes. Knowing what the future holds for you can enable you to approach the everyday in a more serene way.

This is one of the reasons for the fascination with astrology. The unknown has always been one of the greatest fears of the human being. So, of course, anything that can help him see a little more clearly about his future can be good to take. The seers are thus particularly solicited at certain periods: the return, the beginning of the year, Valentine’s Day. But also before major decisions: marriage, resignation or purchase of an apartment.

Astrology enthusiasts like to be reassured about their future, but clairvoyance can also be a good way to move forward when things go wrong. If the stars or an astrologer tell you that in a few weeks, your problems will get better, it’s good for morale. However, this positive state of mind can help unblock the situation, which will then confirm the predictions. It’s a virtuous circle, in short.

The universal aspect of horoscopes

Experiment, and read your horoscope, on the net or in a magazine. It is very likely that at least one of the advanced things resonates with what is happening to you. Because, they must be able to affect hundreds of thousands of people, all those born between two dates. That’s why they set out generalities but also the one that so many people believe in. After all, they find themselves there.

As a result, even if you do not believe it completely, a small voice can slip into your head to point events, and create connections. Because, even if you are persuaded to read your horoscope objectively, unconsciously your mind will seek the link, with your daily life.

So, must we believe in astrology? Everyone to see. Moreover, even without believing it hard as iron, nothing prevents you from reading your horoscope, and to decree that it is right or wrong according to what suits you …

What is that, a horoscope?

Roughly speaking: a look at the stars at a certain time. The horoscope is almost a snapshot of precisely calculated planetary states. From this the star-dwellers try to deduce the fate. Especially important for astrologers is the horoscope at the time of the birth of a human – so they need accurate location and time information. Experience has shown that in 50 percent of the cases, the mother’s information about the time of birth is inaccurate. She advises to go to the registry office. A daily forecast also includes the current planetary status. From the combination you can then derive a trend.

How do the astrologers get to the planet data?

Classically, they look in fairly thick tomes. In these are noted for each day the star statues – all for 0 clock midnight. The information from the books can then be converted appropriately to a desired time. Of course, there are now computer programs for it. Such advice sometimes costs several hundred euros. Horoscopes sorted by the signs of the zodiac only use the rough position of the sun at birth.

Who believes in horoscopes?

Rather women. In a survey commissioned on behalf of the magazine Reader’s Digest in 2012, 31 percent of women surveyed said they believe stars have an influence on their lives – even if it’s not the only one. Of the men, only 15 percent agreed with this statement. More than half of them said that they did not read horoscopes and did not believe in any influence from the cosmos. Only 28 percent of women saw it that way.

Since when are there horoscopes?

Astrology is ancient. The idea of ​​looking at the sky and deriving what is happening is very old, as it was in the second millennium before our time in Mesopotamia. The belief in the power of the stars had only begun to falter with the Renaissance. More and more people expressed criticism and considered the work of astrologers in short nonsense. Around the 18th century, the criticism prevailed, and then there was always a revival – but nothing more than a scientific discipline.

Is there any criticism of astrologers today?

Abundant, which is also related to the fact that some dubious figures in the market, are frolicking. For example, the Astrologers Association is calling on its members to sign that they will never prophesy a death date. It becomes problematic when one takes the prognosis too seriously, one tries to ban the unpredictable – but the future cannot be averted.